• Nux B3 Plus Wireless Mic
  • Nux B3 Plus Wireless Mic
  • Nux B3 Plus Wireless Mic
  • Nux B3 Plus Wireless Mic
  • Nux B3 Plus Wireless Mic
  • Nux B3 Plus Wireless Mic

Nux B3 Plus Wireless Mic

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Nux B3 Plus Wireless Mic
Country of Origin: India
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B-3 PLUS uses our newest 2.4GHz wireless algorithm to your XLR dynamic microphone. Plug TX to your mic, RX to PA system, and you are good to play. The auto paired with 6 channels scanning can avoid Wi-Fi interference and make it simple to use! Plug it, turn it on, B-3 PLUS makes it easy to everyone to embrace great wireless microphone sound.

Buskers, singers, or speakers who use the microphone to communicate with audiences, wireless offers you the freedom of unrestricted movement. No wires at all and no costly batteries required as it is fully rechargeable. With the B-3 PLUS, you won't go wrong for the revolution of wireless experience. You'll never want to go back to the mic cable again.

The distance range limit is 100-feet outdoor and the latency is less than 3.5ms. Hi-Resolution audio quality: 24-bit / 44.1 kHz. The distance range is quite enough for any kind of place, you can walk 60 feet away from the receiver and the signal will flow with no latency or a break. That's the recommended range of use. Long lasting built-in battery simply can be charged with USB cable which is included the package.

- Connect the TX to microphone and connect the RX to a device you want to connect the microphone (amplifier, speaker, mixer, camera or mobile phone).

   If you are using B3 PLUS to connect to a camera or a mobile phone, please use the converter cables.

- Turn on the TX and the RX

   The auto pairing with channel selection will detect the current Wi-Fi environment and choose the best channel to operate.

Please make sure the connected device is ON, and check the signal before you increase the volume.


- 2.4 GHz Broadcast - interference free

- 24-bit / 44.1kHz audio signal quality

- Less than 3.5 ms latency

- 6 channels - auto pairing with channel selection

- Long lasting battery - up to 7 hours

- 100-feet distance at open air areas


Nux B3 Plus Wireless Mic Specifications :
  •  Sound Quality 24-bit / 44.1 kHz Hi-Resolution Sound Quality
  •  Auto Pairing & Channel Selection 6 Channel Groups with Auto Pairing & Channel Selection
  •  Low Latency < 3.5 ms
  •  Range < 100 feet line-of-sight
  •  Dynamic Range 110db
  •  Operating Band 2.4GHz ISM Worldwide
  •  THD + Noise < 0.02% (1KHz@-10dbFS)
  • Battery Life 7 hrs


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