• Novation Peak Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer
  • Novation Peak Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer
  • Novation Peak Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer
  • Novation Peak Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer
  • Novation Peak Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer
  • Novation Peak Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer

Novation Peak Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer

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From straight up saw waves to frequency-modulated sines, you'll notice the Novation Peak synthesizer has that punchy, three-dimensional sound analog synths are known for. The key is its numerically controlled New Oxford Oscillators, which sound analog but also give you access to 60 digital wavetables. And with three oscillators available per voice, that's a ton of sound design potential before you even reach for the analog multimode filter.

When it's time to make your sounds really come alive, the Novation Peak module doesn't disappoint. Right from the front panel, you've got access to 16 direct modulation assignments to inject some motion into your patches. Beyond that, you've got a 16-slot modulation matrix you can use however you like. Want to use aftertouch to control the waveshape of oscillator 2? No problem. Want to control the post-filter distortion amount from the amplitude envelope? Go for it. With this much modulation potential, you'll always be able to add one more final tweak or highlight to your patch. And don't forget the FX Mod Matrix � you can now make your effects move with your mix by assigning modulators to practically any effects parameters.

If you've been designing synth sounds for a while, you know that distortion can be used for much more than an aggressive effect. Producers like adding subtle distortion to a bass patch to help it cut through the midrange, or they sometimes just add it to the attack of a sound to give it more bite without audible distortion. The Novation Peak features built-in distortion that you can apply pre- or post-filter for each voice � there's also a master distortion available independently. On top of that, you'll find high-quality reverb, delay, and chorus effects to finalize your patches.

Novation Peak Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Module Features:

  • 8-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer module
  • Rich analog sound from numerically controlled New Oxford Oscillators
  • Each oscillator features 4 analog waveshapes plus 60 digital wavetables
  • Per-voice analog multimode resonant filter
  • FX Mod Matrix allows you to modulate effects parameters with LFOs and envelopes
  • Updated envelopes add a Hold stage (up to 500ms), and loopable Attack/Decay stages for use as an LFO
  • Expansive modulation capabilities, with 16 direct-access modulations and a 16-slot mod matrix
  • Microtuning support with 16 editable tuning tables
  • Supports polyphonic aftertouch
  • Lots of hands-on control including physical sliders for envelope shapes
  • Pre- and post-filter distortion available per voice, plus a master distortion effect
  • High-quality reverb, delay, and chorus effects eliminate the need for external effects processors
  • MIDI in/out/thru for integrating with hardware sequencing rigs
  • CV modulation input for use with modular synth systems
  • Animate buttons allow you to add advanced modulation with the press of a button


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