• Zildjian S Rock Cymbal Set

Zildjian S Rock Cymbal Set

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Zildjian S Rock Cymbal Set 

Larger diameters = more cut and more volume. We kitted together 14'' Rock HiHats, 18''20'' Rock Crashes, and a 22'' Rock Ride to give you all the power to plow through the loudest of rock gigs, especially when more projection is needed. With a name like "Rock,'' this cymbal set won't ever let you down.
S Rock Cymbal Set - includes:

  • 14" S Rock HiHat Pair
  • 18" S Rock Crash
  • 20" S Rock Crash
  • 22" S Rock Ride

An exhaustive two-year research and design project by the Zildjian Sound Lab results in a modern cymbal voice from the legendary Zildjian Company. ��S Zildjian is an expressive family of cymbals with a balanced frequency response, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. It features a B12 alloy coupled with cutting edge modern manufacturing techniques that produce a cymbal capable of a wide range of musical expression.
B12 Alloy
88% Copper, 12% Tin,produces the perfect balance of low, middle, and high frequencies.
Fully Lathed
Top and bottom lathing,crafted to perfection in weight, feel, and sound.
Extensive Hammering
Gives these cymbals a dialed-in sonic response throughout all dynamic ranges.
Brilliant Finish
Invented by Zildjian, the striking brilliant finish helps open up the sound, providing a bright and shimmery tone.


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