• Yamaha FC5 Foot Switch
  • Yamaha FC5 Foot Switch

Yamaha FC5 Foot Switch

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For those electronic keyboards with an input jack labeled "SUSTAIN," the FC5 model is used in the same manner the sustain pedal on an acoustic piano is used. After pressing down a key, the note will continue to sound utilizing the technology of the FC5 until the sustain pedal is released. The FC5 can also be utilized as an FS controller in synthesizers, tone modules and drum machines.
Country of Origin: India
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The FC5 can utilized as a footswitch-style sustain pedal with electronic keyboards and synthesizers, tone modules, and drum machines, or for remote use as a Punch-In/Punch-Out footswitch with tape or DAW recorders. A 5' cable, terminated with a 1/4" jack, is included.

Perfect for any application that requires a nonlatching momentary switch - use it as a keyboard sustain pedal or as a punch-in switch for hard disk recorders and more. 5' cable gives you plenty of room to move.

  • 5' cable
  • 1/4" phone plug


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