• Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 112-Ch AV Preamplifier
  • Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 112-Ch AV Preamplifier
  • Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 112-Ch AV Preamplifier
  • Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 112-Ch AV Preamplifier
  • Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 112-Ch AV Preamplifier
  • Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 112-Ch AV Preamplifier

Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 11.2-Ch AV Preamplifier

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Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 11.2-Ch AV Preamplifier Key Features:

  • AVENTAGE 11.2-channel pre-amplifier
  • SURROUND:AI automatically optimises the surround effect in real time
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X with CINEMA DSP HD3
  • HDMI� (7 in / 3 out) with Dolby Vision? and Hybrid Log-Gamma
  • Studio-grade ESS DAC (ES9026 PRO x 2)
  • MusicCast multi-room technology
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control compatibility* (*Availability varies by region)

Benefits of Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 11.2-Ch AV Preamplifier:

AVENTAGE Separate Components
Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 11.2-Ch AV Preamplifier

The Yamaha CX-A5200 has redefined home entertainment. The AVENTAGE Separate Components represent a new benchmark in performance and innovation. You have the CX-A5200 pre-amplifier and the MX-A5200 power amplifier which provide an unforgettable experience..

Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 11.2-Ch AV Preamplifier

The Yamaha CX-A5200 is equipped with an AI technology which is built into the DSP. The DSP then analyses the scene by focusing on distinct sound elements such as dialogue, background music, ambient sounds and sound effects and creates the optimal surround effect to reproduce it with the greatest impact. The result is a compelling sense of expressive power beyond conventional sound field effects that deliver the most profound entertainment experience available today.

A New Generation in Sound. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

A big screen and an exhilarating surround sound experience and are key to captivating an audience. The Yamaha CX-A5200 brings you an immersive experience with its object-based audio taking it to new heights through the use of overhead speakers and precise location of sounds not just around the listener, but on a 3D plane. With Dolby and DTS, Yamaha brings this latest development in cinema surround sound into the home with astonishing realism and unsurpassed performance.

A New Dimension in Sound
Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE 11.2-Ch AV Preamplifier

The Yamaha CX-A5200 features an improved CINEMA DSP HD3 with signal processing algorithms which give you a realistic experience. It creates a 3D environment in which separate acoustic elements move freely giving you a sensation of moving objects around you, thus bringing you closer to the filmmaker?s vision. The entire home theatre experience is elevated with high-performance processors, accurately reproducing a new dimension of realism with a rich sense of presence unlike any system you?ve ever experienced.

Automatically Calibrated, Advanced Sound Optimisation

YPAO R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) analyses the acoustics of the room with the in-built YPAO microphone to automatically tune your system for reproducing the best studio-quality surround sound in your room. YPAO 3D provides automatic sound parameter optimisation that maximises the 3D sound field of CINEMA DSP HD3 as well Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Additionally, the 64-bit high-precision EQ calculation helps in reproducing the most natural acoustics for your listening pleasure.

Professional-grade ESS DACs

The CX-A5200 comes with two of the latest ESS SABRE PRO Premier DAC (ES9026 PRO) delivering state-of-the-art 32-bit performance. Furthermore, it also minimises noise levels and achieves an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio..

Designed for Dolby Atmos

Yamaha provides multiple placement patterns for speakers that support Dolby Atmos, thus creating a sound field that?s ideal for your setup. The CINEMA DSP provides a three-dimensional environment along with the Dolby Atmos. Furthermore, YPAO R.S.C. ( Reflect Sound Control) optimises the listening environment and takes full advantage of the detailed spatial localisation capability of Dolby Atmos.


MusicCast is a hassle-free way to share audio throughout your home. The CX-A5200 unlocks a range of entertainment options when connected to the MusicCast system. For example, CDs, TV sound and even vinyl records can be streamed wirelessly to other MusicCast models using the intuitive app interface. It supports high-resolution audio and fills every room with high-quality sound. The future of integrated home audio systems is here.

Let?s Talk

MusicCast can be accessed through touch or voice commands. You can now control your entire home?s audio system by integrating it with Alexa or Google Assistant as well, making it extremely easy for you to use.


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