• Tycoon Doumbek
  • Tycoon Doumbek
  • Tycoon Doumbek
  • Tycoon Doumbek

Tycoon Doumbek

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Tycoon Percussion is well-established throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of percussion products, and is the only hand percussion company that wholly owns its own manufacturing facility.
Country of Origin: India
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Tycoon Darbuka Features:
  • Goblet drums from ancient origin
  • The doumbek gives a wide spectrum of sounds, from a well rounded bass to crisp higher pitches
  • Shell constructed from Turkish copper and hand hammered by skilled craftsmen, resulting in their distinctive appearance
  • Crisp sounds with optimum resonance
  • Equipped with a durable, tunable synthetic head
  • Replacement heads available as an additional option
  • Tuning key included


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