• Musedo Metronome - Tuner MT40W
  • Musedo Metronome - Tuner MT40W

Musedo Metronome - Tuner MT40W

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The MT-40 is a great 3 in one metronome + tuner + tone generator designed for every instrument but especially guitar, bass, Violin and Ukulele. Get exotic and tune your guitar or bass flat up to 4 semi-tones.
Country of Origin: India
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Plug in or use the built-in Mic to start to tune. If you want to hear the rhythms clearer and not let on you are playing to a click track, plug your earphones into the convenient  jack.
Multiple rhythms takes this metronome to a  higher level. Be careful , the MT-40 won�t speed up or slow down along with you! Play it straight and learn to keep proper time!

Musedo Metronome - Tuner MT40W Features
  • Tuning mode:Chromatic,Guitar,Bass,Violin,Ukulele
  • Tuning precision:�1 cent
  • A4 range:430~450Hz
  • Detection method:Mic, Line-in


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