• Alesis Debut Kit
  • Alesis Debut Kit
  • Alesis Debut Kit
  • Alesis Debut Kit

Alesis Debut Kit

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The Debut Kit is the perfect package for any aspiring drummer. ELECTRONIC DRUMS THAT SOUND GREAT. At the heart of the Debut Kit is the feature-packed sound module. The included sound module features 10 classic and modern sounding drum kit presets, custom designed by Alesis.
Country of Origin: India
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Your drumming love affair starts here. Everything the aspiring drummer needs in one convenient package. The Alesis Debut Electronic Drum Kit features a state-of-the-art DM-Lite module, containing 10 realistic, preset drum kits and over 120 individual drum sounds, all triggered by Alesis' Dynamic Articulation technology, for optimum response. Four specialized, tunable, mesh-head drums allow accurate tension adjustment, giving the 6" pads all the feel of an acoustic kit, without the noise complaints!

The Alesis Debut may be designed for young beginners (ages 5-10) - offering a superb drumming introduction - but with its robust metal rack chassis and durable playing surfaces, this is no toy. The DM-Lite's USB port allows connection to your computer or mobile device for easy recording and MIDI control, or switch to the Melodics app to access over 60 play-along lessons. With simple setup, and headphones, a drum throne, and a pair of drumsticks included, your drumming adventure can begin the second you open the box.


  • x3 10" cymbal pads.  
  • x4 6" adjustable mesh head drum pads. 
  • Headphones, drum throne, sticks, Melodics learning software and cables all included. 
  • Connect to your laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet or other device and play along to your favourite tunes. 
  • DM-Lite drum module (contains 120 sounds and 10 unique kits). 
  • Durable, stable metal mounting rack. 
  • Hi-hat and bass drum floor pedals.


  • Dimensions: 5.8" x 7.2" x 4.4"
  • Power: 9V, 500 mA, Centre Pin-Positive 
  • Connectors: 25-Pin Trigger Input (for Cable Snake), 1/8" TRS Headphone Output, 1/4" TS Main Outputs (Right & Left/Mono), 1/8" TRS Auxiliary Input, USB Port (MIDI), Power Jack
  • Tempo: 30 - 280 BPM
  • Display: 3-Digit LED
  • Max Polyphony: 64
  • Resolution: 192 Ticks Per Quarter Note
  • Sequencer: 30 Patterns, 12 'Follow Me' Patterns 
  • Kits: 10 Preset Kits, 5 General MIDI Kits


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